Sample pack 15" Gimme5 EVO

Sample pack 15" Gimme5 EVO

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With this sample pack you will get five sheets of vinyl 12"x15". The sample pack consist of black, white, blue, red, and yellow.

Gimme5 is a polyurthane opaque file suitable for cotton fabrics, cotton and polyester (50\50) and 100% polyester garments. Gimme5 is easy to weed and presses at 285 degrees for only 4 seconds. The vinyl only comes in 15 inches. If you are not able to cut 15in vinyl on your cutter we will cut your order down to 12x15in pieces for your convince.

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Not only do we sell the Gimme5 vinyl, but we use it everyday. If you have never used the Gimme5 vinyl before make sure you check out our YouTube Ch. and Instagram page. We are constantly putting out info on the Gimme5 product line..

Thanks and KEEP PRESSIN!!!