Gimme5 Flou Pink

Gimme5 Flou Pink

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Tax included. Series Fluo is a polyurthane opaque film, suitable for heat transfer on cotton fabrics, (50\50) and 100% polyester garments. It's polyester adhesive carrier allows for easy repositioning of characters accidentally removed. 

Presses at 145c-295f for 10 seconds, 3,5 bars, Hot peel, Wash temperature 60 degrees. 

Can be pressed on T-shirts, sportswear or uniforms for work. Because the material is thin and elastic, the fabric underneath remains soft and pliable. 

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Not only do we sell the Gimme5 Flou vinyl, but we use it everyday. If you have never used the Gimme5 Flou vinyl before make sure you check out our YouTube Ch. and Instagram page. We are constantly putting out info on the Gimme5 product line..

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